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About Our Signs

Are you curious about what you can expect from a Lily & Sparrow sign? We'd love to share more about our signs with you! First and foremost, it's important to know that our wood signs are entirely handmade. Yep, that means we hand cut, stain, paint and router everything ourselves. They are a labor of love, for sure — but we LOVE creating these.

Let's talk about the frames first. This wood is about 3/4" thick and surrounds the entire sign, as you can see in the photo above. The wood for our frames actually starts out as a ten foot stick and then is cut down to size. Once they are cut, we stain the wood with a walnut stain, which provides a beautiful medium-brown finish. The stain takes differently to each piece of wood, which uniquely highlights the grain of the wood. What's left is a smooth and beautiful frame! ✨

For our base material, we also use a wood material. For this process, we start by painting the wood with white paint in a semi-gloss finish. Once the paint is dry, we cut the material down to size and then print the final design on each sign. 

You can expect to see a subtle bit of the wood texture on the base of the signs. This is what makes wood signs so much fun — each one is unique and has it's own story to tell. When we are finished with the base material, we use nails and wood glue to attach the frames to the wood base so it is structurally sound and rigid. 🙌🏼

Here is a look at the back of our signs — this is also what the front of the wood looks like before it gets painted. The backs of our signs are left unfinished and have a stamp or sticker of our logo at the bottom of the sign.

To hang our signs, you simply need to add a nail or screw in your wall and place the sign on top of it — no hanging hardware required. It's SUPER simple! If you have a larger sign or are concerned about protecting your walls, we recommend wall anchors. 💪🏼

Due to the nature of our products being wood, there may be a slight difference in the product you receive than what is shown in the pictures online. Every piece that leaves our shop is handmade and no two are the same. There will be slight variations in color, texture and finish. With our wood products, there may be small knots and slight texture seen through the paint. We believe this attributes to the character of each sign and makes each piece one-of-a-kind. Every sign is inspected before it leaves our shop to ensure you are getting nothing but the best! 💕

That's a little bit of the story of how our signs are created. Thanks for taking the time to read more about our signs — we love them and think you will too! If you have any further question, feel free to e-mail us any time at Talk soon 😍

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